Visual Peacemakers Guild

The Guild: Who We Are

We want to bring our craft and vision together into extraordinary technique. But technique is not an end in itself. We’re on a journey to exhibit the beauty and dignity of people in our images.

We are committed to displaying common humanity and images that build bridges of peace. We hope you can learn from our example, from one another, and we in turn will draw inspiration from the entire visual peacemaking movement.

Part of our desire is to see visual communication industries and media saturated with visual peacemakers like yourself who know how to use their vision, their craft, and their BIG hearts for the good of our world!

The way in which visual content is created directly impacts both our subjects and the outcome of the work itself. Visual peacemakers must be mindful of the person and the picture. The following actions and behaviors are essential to the visual peacemaking process—before, during, and after.

1. We research and respect the culture we are documenting.

2. We value our subjects by taking measures to interact with or involve them, and by treating storytelling and image-making as a collaboration.

3. We use discernment in candid photography and videography, and all published material, because another’s dignity and honor matters to us.

4. We inquire about how others are impacted by our images, examining the actual results of our best intentions.

5. We are intentional about highlighting common humanity through images and storytelling.

6. We explore both macro and micro factors that affect a place or people in an effort for multidimensional coverage.

7. We refrain from making an image if asked not to.

8. We foster the courage to delete some images that may reinforce destructive stereotypes, or publish them only along with other images that tell a more complete story.

9. We refine and upgrade our own vision, because well-crafted images have greater potential for effective visual peacemaking.

10. We live generously by helping others around us, wherever we are, and by volunteering to support the visual peacemaking movement with our talents and resources.