Chris Hoskins

Portraits of Pakistan

Chris Hoskins
March 22, 2012
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I visited Pakistan last October to visit some of the projects supported by the Church of Scotland in order to photograph them and write some blog post about them. The projects ranged from Sex Worker rehabilitation to a Health Unit supporting communities devastated by the flooding in the Sindh Province over the last few years. As a visit it was eye-opening, motivating, emotional, shocking, relieving, challenging. It was great to experience a side to Pakistan and its people that is not often, if ever, portrayed in Western Media

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6 years ago, i discovered photography. An art form I had previously ignored. Within months I was head over heels for the medium. I've slowly been pushing myself, trying new things, immersing myself in reading and practising all I can. Not long after I started photography, I visited Israel and Palestine, and I was introduced to new field of photography - Humanitarian. My faith has always informed my actions, my passions, my principles, and here was an area where I could marry so much of myself in a way I had never dreamed! I recently made the decision to go…

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