Mario Mattei

Kashmir, India 2004

Mario Mattei
July 17, 2010
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More about this photo gallery

These photographs were made in 2004 during my time living and working in Kashmir with Guild photographer, friend, and mentor, Matt Brandon.

This beautiful and disputed land nurtured my passion for photography and poetry. The culture and people inspired my vision, causing me to pick up the camera again after 4 years of dormancy. But this time, digital.

I allowed curiosity to fuel my journey into the hearts and lives of the devout Muslims I lived with, those in my neighborhood, and the friends who I enjoyed starting the Miltsar Poetry Group with. I kept my camera at my side during most of these wonderful times.

This gallery is really my debut into cultural photography. The images here are the few I still like enough to display and share with the world.

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Mario Mattei is as comfortable steadying a cinema camera while atop a wobbly camel in the Wadi Rum Desert as he is sipping an Americano while brainstorming with a marketing team. If doing both in the same week, that's ideal! Mario is an Arizona-born filmmaker, cinematographer, & photographer presently laying down roots in Austin, Texas. As a visionary, storyteller, & people-person at heart, Mario consistently thrives as both a team leader & a contributing team player. His globe-trotting documentary work---whether independently or for NGOs---has taken him to distinctive locations such as Turkey, Kashmir, Malawi, Kazakstan, Jordan, & more. His commercial…

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