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Trixie M.

Hello, everyone! I just want to share my thoughts about the Visual Peace Makers and the projects they’ve done from the past years up until now. As someone who doesn’t really know much about other people’s culture, I tend to stereotype and be oblivious to their real history and culture. Of course, it’s not my fault that my knowledge about them is limited but it is my mistake for stereotyping and judging the things I see on the internet. Thankfully though, the Visual Peace Makers decided to visit our place and even our school to hold seminars and events so they could show and explain things I didn’t know before. They made sure that the people were aware of the issues spreading and that we are all aware of the differences of each other’s culture so we could just widen our understanding and acceptance since, after all, people are born in different places, raised by a different culture, and went through different histories. It’s indeed true that we have to be more open-minded about it all.

Simon F.

Hi, Trixie! Your post is very much relatable and interesting. I actually felt the same thing but I never realized that I was already stereotyping other cultures since I don’t know much about them. However, thanks to this organization, I was given the opportunity to open my mind and be understanding about the differences of our cultures. It was a really bad thing to think that we all have to be the same and I’m more thankful that there are organizations like this to tell us how not to stereotype and be judgemental about others.

Trixie M.

I know, right? This organization is something we should be thankful for and I hope they only continue to do whatever they are doing now.