Hi, is it possible to read articles or any type of blog that shares your projects from the past years? I’m really curious about your organization. I just want to know more about your projects. If the answer is yes, where and how can I read it?

Hello, thank you for sending us your questions and for being interested in our organization. Yes, it is possible to read articles our blogs that show our projects from the past years as well as the recent ones. If you’d like to read more about it, go ahead and visit the ‘blog’ section of this website and you will surely see a lot of articles there. Just find the project or the year you are most curious about.

Where do you mostly go when you hold events?

We have no specific order of places to visit or the most visited place when we hold events. However, we do share to this website where we plan to go so people could be informed and updated.

If I’m going to post on your forum, do I need to create an account?

No, you won’t need to make an account just so you can post a message on the forum. However, we will be needing your name and some information like an email address for confirmation purposes and so we can contact you.

Hello, I just want to ask if your organization updates the activities and projects that you do on this forum?

Hi, thank you for asking us your question. Yes, our organization always makes sure to update the things we do especially the events, projects, activities, and other things. If you are curious about it, visit the blog section where we post the articles and blogs written for the projects we’ve done. You may also go to the news where we update our activities.