Cheri M.

The Chinese Market

Cheri M.
March 25, 2012
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The market

The market is a lively, action packed place, looking just like you think a typical Chinese market should look.

Looking for produce

The produce is gorgeous...the colour...the freshness so evident.

The sale

Making the purchase.

The fish market

So many varieties of fish, clams, snails and more.

We'd like some clams

The fish monger was very friendly both to me and his customers.

Eels anyone? lively looking!

The chopping block

The reality of the market...

How many?

So many interesting things to buy...they even had frogs (can you see them under the green netting?)

Fresh chicken

The meat man. Getting a chicken ready for a customer (or is it a duck?)


Ready for the final sale...bags hanging in expectation. The important details of life in the market.

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More about this Photo Story

This is a Chinese market in my city that I discovered a few months ago.  It is filled with activity…selling vegetables, fish, seafood, chickens, ducks, canned goods, noodles…you name it, they’ve got it!  And all fresh…very fresh.  They were kind enough to let me wander around and photograph them as they worked.

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