Stephen Ironside

Mahakala Puja in Lo Manthang, Nepal

Stephen Ironside
March 30, 2012
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Older Monk

An elder monk stands in line during a Mahakala puja ceremony in Lo Manthang, Upper Mustang, Nepal.

Young Monk

A young monk watches the ceremony from a distance.


A monk chants during the ceremony.


"Demons" race around holding bowls of incense and scare onlookers.

Looking Down

A young boy looks down on the ceremony from an upper story window.


Yak dung surrounds the puja, which has moved to a field.


A group of monks waits for their cue to play horns and cymbals.

Demons Sitting

After scaring some tourists who wandered too close, the "demons" sit down and watch the ceremony.

Lead Monk

The leading monk, dressed in ceremonial garb, destroys cakes made as a sacrifice.

Prayer Position

With hands in prayer position, the monk concludes the ceremony.

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Images from a Mahakala Puja ceremony in Lo Manthang, upper Mustang, northern Nepal, in 2008. The ceremony, done before many residents leave for Kathmandu for the cold winter months, hopes to bring a good harvest in the next year.

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