Amanda Conde

Lives on the Line:  Empowering Women to be Catalysts for Change

Amanda Conde
June 03, 2012
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When I was little, I wanted to be a Charlie's Angel. I run Backpacks for Bend providing weekend meals to students. At times I foolishly believe that all things are possible. I am inspired by my mother and most proud of my family. I make sure no child shows up hungry for school. I dream that my daughters' daughters will never know racism. I believe women can do anything. I am Strong & Utterly Overwhelmed. Amy Bryant Fraley, 41 Mama. Wife. Daughter. Friend. Crusader. Writer. Worry Wart.


I am most proud of riding my bike without training wheels. I like to hold up shells & listen to the ocean. I am happy & funny. I dream that all the kittens at the humane society will have homes. I dream that all homeless dogs will have food. When I grow up, I am going to be a mermaid. My motto is “I think I can, I think I can!”  Arden Conde, 5 Daughter. Sister. Shining Light.


I am inspired by passionate people. I have persevered through obstacles, in and out of the pool. I have learned to be optimistic. I would like women to be rid of the perfect body image. I believe we can create a united, loving world. I dream of happiness. I am Optimistic and Dedicated. Bella Wiener, 15. Student. Swimmer. Daughter.


I am a believer in the power of showing up. I am inspired by those who remain true to their personal truth. I am encouraged by citizens united in purpose. I am curious & kind. I would love to see less fear in the world. I will nurture children, communities, & lives through my actions. I say, “Everything that I Can, I will.” Cassondra Schindler, 40 Wife. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Student. Teacher. Rider. Instigator. Connector. Board Member. Consultant. Coach. Beginner. Leader.


I am compelled to fight for the underdog. I believe if we economically empower women— everything else will follow. I believe we can teach young people that their actions can make a difference. I am unconventional & witty. I have found that failure can be your greatest teacher. I say, “Find What Inspires You & Mainline It.” I Will Be Heard. Gina McClard, 44 Mama. Friend. Daughter. Partner. Activist. Mentor. Student. Lawyer. Entertainer.

Heather Starr

I am self-aware and thoughtful. I am most proud of supporting the congregation that I serve. I am inspired by people who don’t limit themselves. I hope the world will see gender as a spectrum. I want people to realize that religion is a dynamic part of existence. I believe in bigger, bolder dreams than have been imagined for us. I Will Not Give Up on You. Rev. Heather Starr, 31 Minister. Facilitator. Partner. Friend. Poet. Writer.


I wanted to be an astrophysicist when I was a little girl. My parents taught me I can do anything as long as I worked for it. I am inspired by the beauty of our world & its infinite complexity. I dream for all men & women to have a quality education. I believe education is the most powerful means for change. I will work to educate the next generation. I Am on the Right Track. Lilli Worona, 27 Daughter. Girlfriend. Sister. Graduate Student. Yoga Teacher. Musician


I remember waking up to my parents fighting. I have struggled to teach myself the lessons my parents did not. I have learned that blood is not what makes a family. My children inspire me to help make this world a better place. I am thoughtful and inquisitive. I think women should have a choice, and everyone should have a chance to thrive. I will take a stand. Maggie Mae Louise Skyler, 30 Mother. Volunteer. Artist. Nature Lover. Scientist.


I have learned what is important to me and what to let go. Family and my faith inspire me. I truly believe we are all on this journey together. It is important to take care of each other. I am obsessive. I am shy. I am strength. I will teach, I will stand my ground. I will fight for what I believe in. Heather ‘Nashelle’ Straw, 34 Momma. Wife. Friend. Daughter. CEO. Designer. Driven Dreamer. Goofy Rebel. Hard worker.


When I grow up, I want to be a friend to everyone. I believe laughter & gratitude are healing. I see the joyful part of life. I am intuitive, happy, loving, & grateful. I have a passion for so many things. I have enjoyed this life. I say, “Leave ‘em Laughing.” Edythe “Mona” Kirk, 96 Mother. Grand-Mother. Great-Grandmother. Great-Great-Grandmother.


My family always comes first. I am proud of my sweet, curious, courageous daughters. My mother-in law inspires me; she survives with beauty & grace. I want to give my daughters love, fun, peace, adventure, art, & travel. I believe all of us can love & protect the world's children. I cry when I think of children with no sense of hope. I am Strong & Heartbroken. René Allison Stefani Mitchell, 40 Mom. Widow. Daughter. Sister. Friend. AdGirl. Arts Enthusiast. Arts Education Advocate. Worrier.


I tell stories of people in need in order to inspire change. I dream that women & men will be thought of as equal. I believe women can affect tremendous change in the world. I am curious & compassionate. I cry for violence & injustice. I hope to see a better solution to conflict than war. I Believe the Sky is the Limit. Sandy Cummings, 50 Storyteller. Wife. Crazy Aunt. Cook. Amateur Woodworker. Digital Journalist. Documentary Film Producer.


I am re-educated every day. My students and my children are my best teachers. I am most proud of my family. I am inspired by teen parents who show up to school with baby, car seat, diaper bag, and school bag. I am inspired by my 85-year old mother battling cancer. I would like to see all women be strong & compassionate. I Dream of a Non-judgmental World. Mary Evers, 47. Teacher. Student. Mother. Daughter. Teammate. Coach. Partner. Friend.


I cry for the loss of my father. I am most proud of my family. I help people heal past wounds. I thrive in inspiring environments with authentic people. I believe women are powerful in their own beings. I will continue to keep learning and growing. I am Warm & Energetic. Molly Carroll, 41 Wife. Mother. Sister. Daughter. Friend. Counselor. Yogi. Artist. Optimist. Searcher. Nebraskan.


I am a mother to three wonderful boys. I struggle to balance their differing needs. I have learned you are only given what you can handle. I am proud of the gifts that raising a special needs child has given us. I have learned that you can make a difference no matter what life throws at you. I am Resilient and Very Optimistic. Leslie Cramer, 48 Business Owner. Mother.Daughter.Sister.Wife.Entrepeneur. Volunteer. Incorrigible Optimist.

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More about this Photo Story

I worked on this project in collaboration with Shine Global, a non-profit in Bend, Oregon.   Shine Global’s mission is to empower and celebrate women as catalysts for change in their own lives, their communities and the world.  The goal of this project was to highlight 50 women in Central Oregon, who we feel are inspirational by having then share thoughts, dreams, hopes, struggles and power statements.   I wanted the photographs to show a bit about each woman’s story, so I worked with each one to come up with a setting that they felt would convey something about themselves.   I took photos of women and girls, ages 4 to 96, at workplaces, parks, daycares, swimming pools, a salmon bake and a rodeo, to name a few.   The photo stories were recently exhibited at an Art Walk in Bend, and we hope to expand this project to other communities and grow the number of lives on the line.

Learn more about: Amanda Conde

I am a photographer living in Bend, OR and I specialize in portrait photography. I have done work here locally for a couple of non-profits, and would like to expand my experience beyond Central Oregon. I am married with two children, ages 5 and 9, and enjoy mountain biking, skiing and spending time with my family. I am excited to part of the Visual Peacemaking community.

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