The Visual Peace Makers

The Visual Peace Makers

There are many organizations out there that do everything they can to advocate, support, and even campaign for many projects. Sometimes, these organizations take action on some issues while others simply reach out to give help to many people. The purpose of these distinct organizations from different places will always depend on what they are committed to. There are organizations for example like Visual Peace Makers which focuses on spreading and displaying the beauty and different aspects of cultures from all over the world. For them, it is very important to educate people about the different cultures that various countries have and it is also essential that we take time to see the beauty of them as well.

We all know how much conflicts cause us to create our own enemies by stereotyping one another which is something we cannot always allow to happen. Especially now that technology has always been there with us, it is much easier for people to spread photos, videos, articles, and other things that may affect our opinions and views about one’s culture. Some of these can be false while others may be true, however, whatever we can see on the internet about a country especially their cultures, we must know that we should stop stereotyping and judge them just because they have their own culture. Thankfully, there are organizations like the Visual Peace Makers in our society that is here to help us understand more about cultures from different paces. From a small group that meets inside a garage door in Tampa, now they are widely known for their good purpose and mission for the society.

The purpose of the organization, like what I said, was to spread the beauty of cultures from different countries. And while there are still some who view them as something very important to the people in the organization itself. The Visual Peace Makers seek to show us the real beauty of these countries by holding events such as photo and art exhibits that feature the arts and photographs from the countries they showcase. With this, they can really tell us more about a certain country and how magnificent they are in their own ways. It doesn’t stop there because the Visual Peace Makers also go to different places and spread informative and educating lessons about the cultures of other people. They also make sure to convince and persuade everyone to stop stereotyping in the process.

It is very interesting that there are still people who value the humanity, the culture of others, and its importance. This small yet impactful thing they do is very inspiring and motivating for other people like me who want to understand the distinctness of cultures. They make me realize that it is indeed normal for us people to have different ways of living and the only thing you can do is accept and view it as something beautiful. When we all talk about culture, what we know and what we have to understand is that we should stop judging and start understanding.