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The Visual Peace Makers has been created and built because of issues about cultures and how stereotyping can affect everyone concerned. Technology is very powerful especially when we, people, take advantage of it and not to mention, use it in a wrong way. However, sometimes we only ought to share what we’ve seen, what seems odd to us without even thinking that the people concerned with it can be affected in a way we never expected. There are some who share things that intend to cause negative feedback from other people which is very wrong and unacceptable as human beings.

As people, we must learn how to accept other people’s differences and distinctness from us. Of course, we may not know how they live, but when we see videos or photos of them, we should never misunderstand or judge easily. What we should do is to widen our understanding and start accepting them for who they are as well as try seeing the beauty of it all. Because of the issues that spread on the internet and causes damage to some cultural reputation and image, a group of people decided to take action and start doing things to prevent such stereotyping and misunderstanding of cultures.

We know that some things that are practiced by a specific culture may be very odd to us but that only urged the organization to do something that will cause a good thing. The Visual Peace Maker was able to continue their purpose and mission as they went to different places, hold events, and feature the beauty of cultures in many ways they could. It was a good thing that many people joined and are still interested in learning more about others’ culture so everything they did paid off and continued to create good effects.

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The Visual Peace Makers would like to thank everyone who has been there with us throughout the years. We appreciate the help and support you gave us and continue to give us

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